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Nancy Pelosi initiated the impeach▓ment inquiry in late September to determine whether▓ the president abu▓sed his office in his interact▓ions with Ukraine.Trump has denied any wrongdo▓ing or

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a "quid pro quo," calling the impeachment ▓inquiry a "hoax" an▓d a "witch hunt," and the White Ho▓use has refused to▓ cooperate wi▓th the inquiry. Please scan t▓he QR Code ▓to follow

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Democratic lawmaker Adam S▓ chiff, the chairman of the House Int▓elligence Commit tee, said Sond▓land's testi mony "goes right to the heart of the▓ issue of briber y as well as other potential high crimes and misdemeanors.""The ve neer has been torn away."▓ Schiff sai
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